Why Rick Kelley

A Rick Kelley performance can strengthen and unify the bonding process among audience members. His clever, mostly intuitive sense at knowing how and when to energize and engage the audience is the foundation for his success.  In the course of Rick’s show, you will see people dancing, singing, laughing, and playing percussion instruments to music that covers Motown, Cajun-Zydeco, Reggae, classic R&B, or moving original ballads. Something for everyone!

There is no one better at reading an audience and inspiring participation than Rick Kelley.

              “Best participation I have ever seen.” Student Activities Coordinator, Highland Community College, IL

There’s a reason Rick has won so many performance awards; he’s a dynamic performer whose specialty is bringing out everyone’s FUN side.  People are constantly amazed at how Rick can get people who “never participate” to do exactly that.  He has never performed a show where audience members haven’t been involved.  It’s a sure thing!  Fun guaranteed!!

“Our audience ate it up!”  Music Chair, University of Akron, OH



For 16 years, Rick Kelley has performed at over 2800 concerts at corporate events, colleges, festivals, fine arts events, and school assemblies and libraries for ages 2 to 92. Rick will arrive on time, act professionally, appeal to all ages and perform a clean, positive, motivational show!

“We have never found any entertainer that kept everyone happy and engaged.  But Rick Kelley accomplished that.”  Beth Monte, Executive Director, Georgia Veterinary Medical Association

Rick can customize his show to fit any age group and any and all themes and situations.  Some past themes he has performed include:  Christmas parties, patriotic/4th of July, Mardi Gras, Beach party, Halloween, and corporate specific (Motivational, team building, leadership training).


“Left all with a smile on their face.” Music Coordinator, Delaware Valley College, PA


Rick has performed indoors and outdoors, for 10 people to 1000s pf people, in small venues and large venues, day and night.  He can perform anytime, anywhere--whatever your needs.  “It’s not the venue that matters; entertaining people is all that matters.”


“Rick Kelley is an extraordinary artist.”   Ellen Deem, Director of Activities, Caldwell College, NJ


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