Best participation I have ever seen. Student Activities Coordinator, Highland Community College, IL

Rick’s performance was pure energy…Hey, we were the show!  Cabaret Director, University of Alabama/Huntsville

Our audience ate it up!  Music Chair, University of Akron, OH

A terrific showman!  Fantastic singer!  Super pianist!  Director of Activities, Tulsa Junior College, OK

As you know, our group is very difficult, ranging in age from 2 weeks to 90 years.  We have never found any entertainer that kept everyone happy and engaged.  But Rick Kelley accomplished that.  Comments I received included ‘the best Family Night ever’ and ‘we’ve never had so much fun that everyone in our family participated.’  Beth Monte, Executive Director, Georgia Veterinary Medical Association

"We purchased both children's CD's and listened to "What can I do for you?" on the way home and while the girls were getting ready for bed. All I can say is "wow" - it is great. Our 2 1/2 year old was attempting to sing along and our 5 1/2 year old was actually grasping some of the messages. Personally, I like how you deliver the songs, in the fact that you do not preach... you are simply singing about values, morals and integrity. When coupled with music and at a young Childs level, it assists us as parents with our difficult task. Thank You for making a difference!!"  Zaul Library Audience Member

Left all with a smile on their face.  Music Coordinator, Delaware Valley College, PA

Rick was great to work with.  He was the closing act of our cruise program, and it made the perfect ending to a great program.  Definitely a great entertainer.  Student Government, Phillips University, OK

Rick Kelley is an extraordinary artist.   Ellen Deem, Director of Activities, Caldwell College, NJ

…Talent extends well beyond music…An admirable ability to read and manage an audience  LaVon Keorner, Revenue Storm, Inc.


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