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Easy investing in worldwide distribution of healthcare products


Referral program

Our referral program will earn you additional income, by bringing new investors into the Razzleton system. Our goal is to build a widespread global partner network. To this end, we provide special conditions for our partners. We offer an excellent opportunity to earn in the Internet, regardless of your geographical location and core business. Each registered user can earn with our affiliate program. You don’t need an active deposit to participate in the referral program.

Become a representative, you must:
- Deposits not less than $5000
- Recommend at least 5 members
- Team performance reached $10000

With our referral program, you can earn:
- 10% from each deposit of 1st level referral
- 5% from each deposit of 2nd level referral
- 1% from each deposit of 3rd level referral

Representative affiliate program

To be a Regional Representative of Razzleton is a privilege and an opportunity to become a partner in the ready trusted Company, improve it and let it grow in your geographic region and also be part of a worldwide network of Razzleton regional representative program. It is a high revenue share.
Regional Representative of Razzleton get a higher referral commission: 10% -5% -1% -0.5%



+ 10% of accruals



+ 5% of accruals



+ 1% of accruals

Become a representative

If you are interested in Razzleton regional representative program and wish to become our regional representative in your Country, please click "Become a representative" button and fill out the form with your information, managers of our company will process your request within few days.
You need to be qualified in How It Works Razzleton system, can consult new users and have an active deposit more $5000 . If you Recommend at least 5 members and team performance reached $10000, you can fill out a form and get the status of junior representative. Your personal information will be included in the general list of representatives, but the size of partnerships charges will remain the same.

Interested in becoming a Razzleton regional representative?
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