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Our News

We have made an adjustment to the exchange rate of the bitcoin!

Feb-9-2018 9:18:39 PM

The recent global bitcoin market ushered in a unprecedented slump, from a $20000 peak fell to 6000 U.S. dollars, eventually stabilized at around $8000, which greatly shocked the global financial market, but also to the RazzletOn brought a lot of trouble;

Because some members of RazzletOn invest in the pharmaceutical market through bitcoin. Bitcoin's skyrocketing and plummeting has led to a great deviation in the dollar exchange rate, and the interests of these members have been greatly damaged.

Therefore, in order to protect the interests of investors, we have made an adjustment to the exchange rate of the bitcoin:

1. The exchange rate of the new members is linked to the real time exchange rate of the bitcoin.
2. Old members, according to the time of investment, adopt two kinds of exchange rates, 17500 dollar and 35000 dollar respectively.

At the same time, we changed the minimum withdraw amount from $50 to $100;

All this is to make RazzletOn healthier, we look forward to the 2018!

RazzletOn - We go forward together;

RazzletOn begins to review illegal accounts!

Jan-4-2018 9:31:27 PM

As the number of members increases, there are more and more members who violate the rules, so we will investigate it.

The investigation will soon end. Please be patient.

RazzletOn - Always adhering to the principle of "justice"

Server maintenance Bulletin!

Dec-21-2017 10:52:54 PM

With more and more members joining RazzletOn.

In order to provide better service to the members, we upgraded and maintained the server this morning.

The trouble that brings to you, We feel very sorry for this.

RazzletOn - We are constantly challenging!

The announcement about the price boom of Bitcoin!

Dec-8-2017 9:55:41 PM

Recently, the Bitcoin block network is very congested and the transaction fees have soared because of the heat of the Bitcoin market and the sharp rise in the volume of trading.

In this unprecedented situation, we have to change the minimum withdraw amount from $10 to $50, And extend the time to 72 hours

RazzletOn - Thank you very much for your cooperation!

Lottery with 101 prizes - become the owner of electric car Tesla!

May-15-2017 10:52:21 PM

We are glad to inform you that it’s been decided to hold a great lottery of the world's best flagships.Today each of our partners gets the opportunity to become the owner of valuable prizes or their cash equivalents,including the modern electric car Tesla!

Conditions of participation in the contest:
1.An active deposit in the amount of $ 200 at the moment of application
2.Application for participation in the lottery and getting the ticket number
3.An active deposit in the amount of $ 200 at the moment the lottery is held.
Happy owners of the most modern flagships will be identified by the already traditional for our contests summing of temperatures in cities....And,finally,the most pleasant news:our winner will receive two prizes-a Macbook and an electric car Tesla!

If you are interested in this offer,we recommend that you hurry up to apply-the number of tickets for participation in the contest is limited!We give you extra chances of winning by giving away in the lottery 100 valuable prizes and a Tesla car.To find detailed conditions of the contest follow this link:
RazzletOn is your lucky ticket to win!

First contestants-first rewards!

Mar-15-2017 10:48:55 PM

The video contest which started on March 11th in just 3 days gained immense popularity among our investors and partners.To date,we have received a significant number of works,most of which are currently being processed.However,our first winners are already identified.

We present to your attention five RazzletOn partners,who became owners of the largest rewards so far(the sums are indicated in parentheses)for the most interesting videos.Click on the links below to see their works.


And this is just the beginning!Lists of new videos and names of our winners will appear regularly in our feed.We endlessly appreciate your trust and desire to share information about us,so we are ready to generously reward your works.Show your creativity and get the maximum bonus-$250!

RazzletOn-opportunities without borders!

Procedure for processing depositing and withdrawal requests is changed

Mar-13-2017 09:53:41 PM

Razzleton HealthCare Limited is rapidly winning new grounds in the investment market.Attentive users have already noticed some changes in the work of the platform.Thus for instance,after the increase of the minimum withdrawal request to $10,the RazzletOn support team received many complaints.Reacting to the needs of our users,we reduced the size of the minimum transaction to $100 again.
However,it should also be mentioned that this change will lead to the increase in the number of requests for withdrawing funds which are handled manually by the company's operators. That’s why it’s been decided to change the time for processing depositing and withdrawal requests. From this moment on, the procedure for processing requests for depositing is increased to 48 hours and will affect only payment systems where creating a deposit involves an operator. Requests for withdrawal will be processed according to the procedure in time of up to 96 hours. This measure is temporary and at the moment we are working hard to optimize the system of payments and depositing of funds, which will lead to faster processing of requests.
RazzletOn - your desires are first priority for us!

Taste our profit!

Mar-12-2017 10:44:14 PM

Razzleton HealthCare Limited is not only the largest investment company that has gained immense popularity in just one year. To date, RazzletOn can rightly be called a media brand, like the famous Turkish chef Nusret Gokce, whose number of subscribers at the moment is 4.7 million people. You can learn more about him on his page: https://www.instagram.com/nusr_et/. Just like our company, which quickly gained worldwide recognition, this man also managed to make himself known in the shortest time.
We are glad to inform you that not so long ago the famous Turkish chef rated our investment company as one of the most promising. In this connection we decided to please you with a nice bonus. In honor of the beginning of interaction between the most famous modern media brands RazzletOn and Nusret Gokce each deposit created on March 13 from 00:00 to 23:59 will be increased by 7%. Join us and be one step closer to success!
RazzletOn - Nusret Gokce recommends!

New video contest - get up to $ 250!

Mar-11-2017 04:50:54 PM

To make our work together more interesting and exciting, it’s been decided by Razzleton HealthCare Limited to hold a new contest. Get a financial reward of up to $ 250 for the video with the review about cooperation with our company! This possibility is available for all our partners and investors.

RazzletOn – we build the future together!

RazzletOn brandbook - ready solutions for your business!

Mar-11-2017 02:59:04 PM

We are glad to inform you that recently added Jobs page enjoys huge popularity among visitors of our site. So far many investors have already expressed their wishes to cooperate with us as our partners, thereby significantly increasing their income. Our company is interested in stable and effective joint work, that's why we strive to encourage development of our business partners in every possible way.

Due to the increased interest in cooperation with our company,we remind you that on the Jobs page there is the RazzletOn brandbook containing excellent promotional materials.Right now there is an effective tool for the development of your business in your hands!

Links to the brandbook:

RazzletOn-results ahead of expectations!

Bonus for creating deposit from balance

Mar-10-2017 08:07:16 PM

Razzleton HealthCare Limited expresses its gratitude to all partners for their trust.Wishing to provide even more favorable conditions for cooperation,we decided to offer a pleasant bonus to you.All deposits made from March 11th(from 00:00 GMT)and until the last minutes of March 12th(before 23:59 GMT)using funds from your personal account on our platform will be automatically increased by 5%.
Attention!Our offer is valid for only 48 hours,however you can get a bonus for all deposits created during the period mentioned.Earn more by investing your money properly!
RazzletOn-always profitable investment!

It's now possible to create a deposit from your personal balance

Mar-10-2017 01:45:51 PM

Dear partners! We endlessly appreciate your trust and are always glad to cooperate on an ongoing basis. When analyzing the work of our platform, it was revealed that many of our investors, having received income, withdraw funds to their wallets, and then create a deposit again, losing interest conducting unnecessary transactions. Thus we have decided to remind you of the possibility of re-creating a deposit directly from your personal balance on RazzletOn.
The process of creating a deposit at the expense of your personal balance is identical to investing from your wallet. You only need to choose the currency in which you want to make a deposit with the mark "Balance". Investing funds from the balance will enable you to avoid the costs of paying commissions and save your time.
If you did not know about this possibility and have already created an order for withdrawal, then you can cancel it by clicking on the link: Withdraw History . Just click on the "cancel" button next to your request and the funds will remain on your balance. Remember that if you have any questions, you can always consult our support specialists by creating the appropriate ticket.

RazzletOn - your money work for you!

Pleasant Bonuses for Spring Holiday

Mar-7-2017 10:24:49 PM

It is commonly known that on March 8th our partners from the CIS countries celebrate an International Women's Day.Razzleton HealthCare Limited sincerely congratulates girls and women on the brightest spring holiday!And,of course,on this day we could not leave you without surprises,so we prepared a special offer for you.Do you want to get an impressive bonus when creating a deposit?We give you this opportunity!

Each deposit created on March 8th from 00:00 to 23:59 GMT will be automatically increased by 8%.This offer is valid for absolutely all our partners and investors.You can make use of our special offer any number of times during the day.

RazzletOn-we give a holiday to a woman!

The increase of the minimum withdrawal amount

Mar-4-2017 03:00:24 PM

We keep optimizing the RazzletOn platform to make work with it comfortable for all our partners and investors.That is why it’s been decided to increase the minimum withdrawal amount for all payment systems to $10,and for Yandex.Money users-to $ 15.The amount of the minimum request for the owners of Neteller wallets is $ 30.
This measure is due to the great popularity of our platform in the international investment market and,as a consequence,a large daily flow of requests for withdrawal.The increase of the minimum withdrawal amount will enable us to process your requests more efficiently and transfer your earnings in a very short time.
RazzletOn-fast earnings,pleasant cooperation!

+5%to the deposit on the first day of spring

Mar-2-2017 01:45:56 PM

Razzleton HealthCare Limited sincerely congratulates all its partners with the coming of the most romantic and bright time of the year-spring!In honor of this event we decided to please you with a very nice bonus.Every deposit created on the 1st of March from 00:00 to 23:59 GMT will be automatically increased by 5%.
Spring is the time of change.Earn with RazzletOn,and all your changes will be only for the better.Get more,investing into one of the most promising and successful companies.
RazzletOn-always new opportunities!

+5%to the deposit on the first day of spring

Mar-1-2017 01:06:28 AM

Razzleton HealthCare Limited sincerely congratulates all its partners with the coming of the most romantic and bright time of the year-spring!In honor of this event we decided to please you with a very nice bonus.Every deposit created on the 1st of March from 00:00 to 23:59 GMT will be automatically increased by 5%.
Spring is the time of change.Earn with RazzletOn,and all your changes will be only for the better.Get more,investing into one of the most promising and successful companies.
RazzletOn-always new opportunities!

We added a Careers Page!

Mar-1-2017 12:15:48 AM

Razzleton Healthcare Limited is looking for creative and talented people to collaborate on a regular basis!Are you a talented speaker,a born manager or an excellent translator?Then welcome to our friendly team!
If you do not want to be limited to passive earnings and would like to make a personal contribution to the development of our investment platform,be sure to use this opportunity.Perhaps it’s you we are looking for!To find more detailed terms of cooperation,to keep abreast of current vacancies or to apply,follow the link:
Join US
And finally,another great news!Especially for our partners,we have created a handy and accessible brandbook and corporate identity.Now you can easily arrange your work space in the Razzleton style or just make accessories with our logo for personal use with ready-made designs.
Razzleton-we are becoming closer!

Possibility of creating deposits in euro added

Feb-28-2017 12:02:21 AM

Razzleton HealthCare Limited expands the limits of the possible for its investors and partners.As you know,one of the most popular and stable currency today is euro.That is why it’s been decided to add the possibility to create deposits in this currency.

Investing in euro is possible with popular worldwide payment systems:PM,AdvCash and Payeer.You can create a deposit now.

RazzletOn-we turn possibilities into reality!

The number of RazzletOn users has exceeded 100 000!

Feb-27-2017 11:56:50 PM

Razzleton HealthCare Limited has repeatedly been recognized one of the most rapidly developing investment companies.Continuing our movement forward,we were working actively to improve our platform,and as a result in a record short time we managed to attract a huge number of partners.
We are glad to inform you that today the number of users of our platform is more than 100 000 people!This figure is one of the main indicators of our success and the fact that we are really moving in the right direction.We are absolutely sure that this is just the beginning!
RazzletOn-be in the center of the action!

Support ticket system introduced

Feb-26-2017 12:35:46 AM

Due to the sharp increase in the activity of the RazzletOn platform users it’s been decided to implement support ticket system.This innovation will help us process your applications as quickly as possible and provide prompt answers to the questions by order of applying.
The term of the ticket processing at the moment is from one to five working days,but our team is actively working on improving this.
Attention!If you sent questions to our email within the last five days and have not received a reply,please repeat your application by creating a ticket.From now on communication through our e-mail will be suspended.
RazzletOn–we are becoming better for you!

More than 500 RazzletOn offices worldwide.Join now!

Feb-20-2017 11:53:31 PM

We are pleased to inform you that a cooperation offer from Razzleton HealthCare Limited has gained a huge popularity among our partners and investors.To date the number of our representatives has already exceeded 500 people,and more and more people join us every day!
Continuing to actively develop this activity area,we invite you to cooperation with our company.Partners from Japan now have a unique chance to become the first representatives in their country.All you need is to create an application on our website,and in the nearest future you will be able to join our team.

Are you interested in our offer?Then follow the link:https:
RazzletOn-endless possibilities for development!

"Feel like a director"сontest is over

Feb-20-2017 11:47:35 PM

Razzleton HealthCare Limited thanks all investors of our platform for your interest and participation in the contest"Feel like a director!"All good things come to an end,and our ambitious video project is also over.
All materials sent to us before the publication of this news will be processed,and their authors will receive bonuses.Videos sent to us after this news appears on the site will also be reviewed and posted on our website,but the reward for them is not paid.
If you haven’t got a bonus yet,don’t be discouraged.A lot of interesting projects and contests are still ahead.Check out our updates to learn about upcoming events first.
RazzletOn–we meet your expectations!

Landing page and video about RazzletOn success story added

Feb-19-2017 12:30:17 AM

Over the past year Razzleton HealthCare Limited has proved itself as the most rapidly developing and promising company.In the shortest terms we managed to attract a record number of investment and provide tens of thousands of people with a means of regular passive income.In order to clearly demonstrate our achievements,we have created a landing page,which will enable you to learn more about the history of RazzletOn success:http:

The new page contains the actual data on the company’s business as well as educational videos.If you want to get more information about our investment platform,then click on the link above now!
RazzletOn-your key to success!

The winners of raffle are defined!

Feb-17-2017 05:23:48 PM

News,the appearance of which you waited so long!We are glad to inform you that a few minutes before we get the results of our 10 gadgets raffle.Multiplying the temperature in Singapore,Athens,London,Dubai,and then adding to the result the temperature(°F)in Miami,we have defined the sequence numbers of tickets of winners.Today the weather was favorable to:
1 Apple Macbook 12-076-VLADIMIR1951
2 Apple iPhone 7-176-cdidar
3 Apple iPad Pro 9.7-276-Valer4o1989
4 Apple Watch Series 2-376-Hsoliman
5 Ninebot Mini-476-Mobster
6 GoPro HERO 5-576-Elena_S
7 Samsung Gear 360-676-Arinze
8 Sony PlayStation 4 Slim-776-mahmmoud
9 Harman/Kardon Onyx-876-BlackDron
10 JBL Charge 3-976-Bandi0022
We congratulate our winners!If today you are not get lucky,then surely you're be lucky next time. Company Razzleton HealthCare Limited prepares for you new contests and raffle.

Razzleton - with us your dreams will become closer!
Promotion expires in: